Bartending classes chicago

We take great pride in the fact that you are considering one of our schools to introduce you to the wonderful opportunities that await you as a professional bartender. Our course covers all aspects of professional bartending in a hands on situationincluding bar setup and close down procedures. Students are introduced to a variety of glassware and the drinks that are served in them.

bartending classes chicago

Students work with a large variety of liquors and cordials while learning the quality, flavors and origins of each. State and Federal laws governing the bar and restaurant business as they pertain to the bartender, bar owner and customer are covered in detail.

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All types of transactions are covered, such as cash, credit card and preferred guest charges. Dealing with customers and customer situations are discussed as well. Students are taught the proper construction of a drink. They begin by learning to properly use a shot glass while making one drink at a time.

By the conclusion of the course students are capable of making several drinks at a time as well as adept at free pouring not using a shot glass. All graduating students have access to our job assistance program.

As a proud member of the Professional Bartending Schools of America students have access to job assistance nationwide in almost other cities, including other affiliated schools. Many of our students have gone on to successfully pursue exciting opportunities on cruise ships, tropical resorts and casinos. There is a written and practical evaluation at the end of the course so that each student will know their personal skill level and spirit knowledge upon completion.

The evaluation process assists the school in our job assistance efforts as well. Upon satisfactory completion of the evaluation students are issued their bartending credentials. Our certificate identifies the bartender as a graduate of one of the most highly regarded bartending schools in the state of Illinois and should be presented to potential employers at the time of application.

Monday, 15 March However, when you think about all the money you end up spending on drinks weekend after weekend, it adds up. What if you were able to both hang out with your friends on the weekend and learn how to make your own drinks?

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Which will be much cheaper for you in the long run. Mixology classes have quickly become a popular activity for all occasions.

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You can now learn how to make your favorite drinks and host a fun night in. It is a one-day, 4-hour crash course where you get to build everything from classic cocktails to learning techniques on how to detail any drink with fresh fruit and herbs. Side Note : A-List Startenders also offers a two-week professional bartender program just in case you were looking for a part-time gig?

Chicago Bartending School

Femme du Coupe. Have a night in with this fun mixology class with a feminine flare! Femme du Coupe brings the class to you, so you can learn how to make the best drinks from the comfort of your home. They bring recipes for you to keep, and they can host any mixology event from work to bachelorette parties. Lush Mobile Bar. The course and drinks change every month, so feel free to attend this class more than once.

From reviews, Hollow Leg is a great mixology experience from start to finish. The well-experienced instructor allows you to create drinks from scratch recipe-freeand even uses local ingredients. They also have a swanky rooftop venue to host your mixology party. Have you taken any mixology classes in Chicago? Let us know which one was your favorite and why below!

Writing has always been a passion for Kayla, as writing poetry, songs, and diary entries took up most of her free time as a youngster. Tags: drinks Share this post:. View all posts by Kayla De Lano.Mixologist leads a course that teaches students the fundamentals of cocktail creation and mixology.

Instructors guide burgeoning bartenders within a real bar, preparing them to mix, stir, and shake drinks for fun or professionally. Become a mixology whiz and a coffee-brewing expert with this module certification course, which trains students for professional careers. Begin training for a career in catering, bartending, food service, or hotel management in a program designed for aspiring professionals.

Cocktail course teaches mixing, pouring, and how to pair drinks; wine course focuses on varietals, tasting, and how to choose wine.

Skilled bartender instructors teach the ins and outs of the craft during online bartending classes. Train for a career in wine or brush up on your basic wine knowledge during this detailed online course assembled by industry professionals.

Advanced Bartending Course - European Bartender School

Virtual courses help students widen their knowledge of alcoholic beverages and take their professional qualifications to the next level. Class participants may create unique pieces of pottery in a casual atmosphere while sipping on their beverage of choice.


Participants make adult toys from clay and sip on their faves; great idea for a bachelorette party or a night out with the girls. Customers can learn to make ceramic pipes and ashtrays under the watchful eye of skilled instructors. Participants of this workshop can make their own bath bomb or soap, choosing from a wide array of fragrances and other necessary ingredients.

Participants unleash their creativity while using paint and sponges to decorate a chosen piece of pottery that is later glazed and fired. During the course photography experts share their knowledge about capturing motion, framing portraits, and proper use of the natural light.

Local businesses like this one promote thriving, distinctive communities by offering a rich array of goods and services to locals like you. Build your skills with Old master techniques and recipes taught by Chicago professional artist Nicholas Nadja.

Dexterous instrumentalists train aspiring players of all ages during low-key one-on-one lessons tailored to skill level or song choice. Guests learn all about natural ingredients and create their own hair or beard moisturizer suited for their hair type. Arts and crafts studio helps participants make their own body scrub or potpourri; adult classes are BYOB.

Melt and Pour Soap making course is exciting and will teach you how to make your own handcrafted soap and custom lotion. Our guide shows you how to make a bloody mary, tailored to your hangover level. Bartending Courses in and near Chicago, IL.

Best Bartending Classes In Chicago

Categories Personal Services Classes Bartending Courses Business Training Dance Cooking Language Courses Academic Courses Tutoring Personal Development IT Certifications Project Management Microsoft Office Training Pet Care Digital Marketing Course Flying Lessons Programming 9.Our instructors average over twenty years of teaching and work experience in the beverage industry and are certified by the State board of Education.

Classes are structured much like on the job training and include frequent simulations of real life on the job bar training. While preparing for your new career, you'll enjoy a low pressure, fun-filled environment in which to refine your abilities.

Many of our students go on to work in some of the most respected bars in the country.

Chicago Bartending School

A large part of their credibility can be attributed to alcohol awareness certification. This certification indicates the ability to serve alcohol responsibly, guaranteeing the safety of your customers In many areas, this certificate is required by law. In fact, anyone being issued a liquor license must furnish proof that they have attended this class. Chicago Bartending School. PBSA Home. Bartending Course. Local Job Placement. National Job Placement.

Request Information. O ne of the questions the public frequently asks, is "What's the difference between a bartender and a mixologist? A mixologist has received more extensive training, has greater industry knowledge and usually works in the more upscale food and beverage establishments.

In addition, a mixologist usually commands a higher base salary and can expect more tips due to an increased drink repetoire. Chicago, Illinois Menu Links Below:. Chicago Home. School Locations. Class Times. After Dinner Drinks. Wine Class. Copyright Professional Bartending Schools of America.We use cookies to enable essential functionality on our website, and analyze website traffic. By clicking Accept you consent to our use of cookies. Read about how we use cookies.

bartending classes chicago

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Elitte Bartending School. Why Choose Elitte? Instructors at Elitte Bar School have over 30 years experience in instruction, management, Hospitality, Restaurants, and bars. What we do. We train our students in the area of Bartending and we are second to none. We take pride in making all of our students the very best they can be.

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Come train at Elitte, the 1 School in Illinois. Register today.

bartending classes chicago

What you get at elitte bartending school. Why Choose us? We are the go to bartending school in illinois for all bar owners hiring needs.

bartending classes chicago

What you will learn at Elitte? Learn correct pouring and measurements. Learn the tricks of the trade when serving your customers all while putting on a show.

Introduction to popular and traditional cocktails. Training behind a real bar. Learn how to bartend behind a real spacious bar at your own stations. Create and prepare cocktails whille working on your speed, Learn how to prepare drinks at one time when doing class drills.A bartending school is a great place to learn a skill that can be profitable and enjoyable.

You have come to the right place to find out more about our bartending school. ABC is one of the largest bartender training establishments in the nation with locations from coast to coast throughout the United States. The Sylvester family has been in the hospitality industry for three generations.

Tony brings you all that experience in his school's curriculum and manual. Look at all of the great cities listed at the bottom of the page where Tony has opened schools. As you can see, all these cities are hospitality oriented, which means that there are lots of restaurants, hotels, country clubs, night clubs, and bars. Now what does that mean for ABC graduates? Look around at the number of liquor serving establishments in your city and the number of bartenders, both full time and part time, that it takes to staff these operations.

Get the picture? In closing, some schools try to impress prospective students with slick websites and a lot of colored pictures. Also click below to view how old you have to be to become a bartender. The cost for our program includes books, supplies, and job placement assistance. There are no additional charges. Please call us for an appointment to discuss your future as a bartender.

New classes begin every week, so call us to find out our next starting date for the class that suits your schedule best. We do have easy payment plans available.

Please inquire at the school. Website Design. Bartenders are known for their ability to make a good living, have fun, and meet people. Remember, to get started, just call your local ABC bartending school. All rights reserved.Click Here to Login. This short, state-specific course will help you learn to serve alcohol responsibly!

Learn More. Student Login. Professional Bartending School. Package Deals! Course Combo include a bartending practice kit so you'll have bar tools to practice at home. Bartending License. The knowledge-building bartending courses are available at a discounted "addon price" when you purchase them along with the Bartender Mixology Course or Course Combo package.

Bartender Handbook. I am writing to you with gratitude for offering your online bartending course. It was completely thorough and from an educational point of view, very well done. It was very convenient and I was astonished by the knowledge I gained.

I also learned a great deal about interpersonal skills through your course, and am very appreciative for your well stated letter of recommendation.

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Again, thank you and I have already recommended you to others. I r eally have to hand it to your school. You've put together a great way to start bartending without having to spend much.

Since taking the course, I've paid my college tuition and purchased a house with the money I've made bartending! Needless to say, I am happy to endorse your school and would highly recommend it to any potential students! Email: Password:. Forgot Password. Phone: Contact Professional Bartending School. Hours: CST Mon. Street Address: N. Egan Ave. Madison, SD Terms of Use Privacy Policy.


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